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One of Southwest MI’s Largest Suppliers of Architectural Grade Door Hardware

At Bosker Brick Company we only offer the highest quality door hardware to our commercial contractors. Security is an important aspect in today’s commercial construction environment, and having the proper door hardware is one of the best ways to ensure optimal security for your client’s project. We understand this, and only supply the highest quality parts for the task.

We have hundreds of styles and finishes to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your businesses that will keep your property secure.

door hardware

The Perfect Match for Dependable Security

At Bosker Brick Co, we offer only the best products to supply for commercial construction at a competitive price, and that includes the architectural hardware we provide. A room or building’s security is a top concern in the commercial construction environment, and we stand behind our assurance that we’ll supply you with the proper locks, closers, and exit devices. This lets you rest easy knowing that you’re receiving optimal security for a client’s project. We understand how vital the safety and protection of their space and properties are, and we will only supply you with the most dependable and highest-quality parts for the job. Our selection includes hundreds of different styles with a variety of finishes for you to choose from. We’ll help you find the perfect match for architectural hardware in Southwest MI that will ensure your property is safe and secure.

Reliable Locks & Proven Business Integrity

Keep your client’s property secure with only the best, most dependable locks, closers, and exit devices, all available through Bosker Brick Co at competitive prices. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff can assist you in picking out the right ones with their solid insight into the products and their use. The advice and recommendations we give are reliable not just because of our expertise in these building supplies, but also because of our company’s foundation of family values and integrity that we’ve carried on since 1954. If you’d like to discuss your commercial options for architectural hardware in the Southwest MI area, please give us a call and we can start finding the perfect match for your project!

Brands We Offer

Below are just some of architectural hardware brands that we offer.

Get Quality Building Supplies at Competitive Prices!